Singer, Songwriter, Producer

I started writing music in 1982 after buying my first brand new synthesizer – a Korg Poly 61M digital/analogue hybrid. It didn’t take all that long for things to get a little out of hand. The result:

One of the things I’ve learned over the years is that not every recording space inspires me to write. I’ve moved house several times, tried white, sand and black painted walls, no soundproofing, lots of soundproofing and different lighting techniques to foster a better writing environment. The current incarnation of my studio, I feel, is the best one yet. I’ve already created, here, over 50 soundtracks for use behind our Travel by Numbers YouTube videos.


I currently write music in two streams: Avionik, my electronica outlet, and Missiles Kill Militants – my dark-techno-industrial outlet. While I released a new Avionik album in early 2022 (see Avionik website for details) I am also hard at work on my first Missiles Kill Militants album. It’s going to hammer. As well, I’ve just posted a preview of my new Neutronaut venture – retro-electro – in the form of a new song entitled Reboot. Kraftwerk and Maschine Brennt fans should find themselves in familiar territory.


All the gear in one place


7Aliens Catanya 2
Agitated State MenuMagic
AIR Music Technology Hybrid 3, Xpand!2, The Riser, Vacuum Pro
Applied Acoustics Systems Strum Electric GS-1, Ultra Analog VA-1, Ultra Analog VA-2
Arturia Mini V
Audio Damage
 Dr. Device
Audioease Speakerphone 2
Basement Arts Reflex
Camel Audio Alchemy, Cameleon 5000, CamelPhat, CamelSpace
Celemony Melodyne
Concrete FX Viper
Cryosonic newB, Spectralive NXT
D16 Drumazon, Phoscyon, Nepheton
Extreme Sample Converter
Fabfilter One
Focusrite Scarlett, Midnight
FXpansion Geist, Guru
G-Sonique UltrabassMX
GlitchMachines Fragment
Illformed Glitch 2
Image Line Autogun, Drumaxx, Harmor, Sytrus 2, Vocodex
Izotope Ozone 7 Advanced, Alloy 2, Trash 2 Expanded, Insight, Nectar 2 Production Suite, DDLY, Neutron Advanced, VocalSynth, RX Plug-in Pack
KiloHearts Reverser
Linplug Octopus
Musiclab Rhythm n Chords MFX
Native Instruments Komplete 8 Ultimate, Intakt, Pro-53, Vokoder, Maschine
Nomad Factory Analog Mastering Tools
Novation Bass Station, V-Station, Automap Pro, FX Suite
Ohmforce Ohmicide:Melohman, Symptohm:Melohman, Minimonsta:Melohmna, Oddity
Prosounds PS-1 Performance Synth
PSP Nitro, Nitro N2O
ReFX Vanguard
Rob Papen Delay, Distort, SubBoomBass, AMOD, Blue 2
Sonic Charge MicroTonic 3, Bitspeek, Permut8, Echobode
Spectrasonics Omnisphere
Steinberg Cubase 12 Pro, Padshop Pro, Halion 6, Groove Agent 5
Sugar Bytes Consequence, Thesys
Synapse DUNE, DUNE 2, DUNE 3, Hydra, Plucked String, Poly-850, Scorpion, Toxic, Xpoly
TerraTec Producer – Komplexer
Tone2 Firebird+
U-He Diva, Hive, Repro-1/5
UnfilteredAudio G8
UVI Falcon
Virsyn miniTERA
Voxengo Crunchessor, Drumformer, Elephant, GlissEQ, HarmoniEQ, Polysquasher, Soniformer, VariSaturator, Voxformer, LFMaxPunch, Transgainer
Waves LoAir, Gold Bundle, Vocal Rider, Bass Rider, Tony Maserati Artist Signature Collection, Chris Lord-Alge Artist Signature Collection,  Eddie Kramer: Tape, Tubes & Transistors, OneKnob Louder, REDD. Jack Joseph Puig Analog Legends, RS56, Jack Joseph Puig Signature Collection, Manny Marroquin Signature Series Collection, Element, Renaissance Bass, Codex, OneKnob Pumper
Wusik Wusikstation, WusikGroovebox
Zplane Vielklang 2

Sample/Midi Libraries and Soundbanks

8dio Songwriting Guitar, Free Radicals
Applied Acoustics Systems
 Angelicals, Plastic Pop, Cinematheque, KitNetix, 30.8676 Hz, Starlight
Atomhub Microbiology, Lost Horizon
Autodafe Mega Pads
Audiovapor Electro Bass MIDI Vol. 1 & 2
Best Service SynthWerk
Big Fish Audio Gears: Industrial Rock, 13 – Horror Loops and Sound Design
Bitword Oxide 128 Vol 1, Oxide Kits Vol 1, Oxide Kits Vol 2
Bunker 8 Digital Labs Noiz Pop
Bitword Oxide Kits Vol 1, Oxide Kits Vol 2, Oxide 128 Vol 1
Camel Audio Planet Earth (for Alchemy), Himalaya Pads, Biolabs: Dark Space
Cinesamples Iron Guitars, CineOrch
ColourSonics Art Sound Station
Dangerous Bear Fuel 3, Anomaly
Diginoiz DigiMaschine Drum Collection
Dusted Wiliam Sounds Dirty Dose
Fiend – Computer Core 3 Flux302 Dystopia Maschine Pack
Fxpansion City of Drums and Beats, Goldbaby Synthetic
Galbanum The Second Coming (for Rapture)
Ghostek Industrial Techno
Ghostwave Audio Orange Crush, Frozen Lifeforms
Glitchmachines GM Vulcan, Chimera
GrooveMonkee Alternative/Soft Rock, Electronic, Modern Punk!
Haunted House Records Toxic Beats
Heavyocity Damage, Aeon Rhythmic
Hollow Sun K3 Definitive PPG, Polivoks, Trios, Techtron, Cognosphere, Altaerion, YouKnow6, Stringodyne
Impact Soundworks Shreddage, Shreddage II
ISR – Sei2ure – Automated Machinery
Kick Back Samples Sonic Wave Drumbank
Kirk Hunter Pop Rock Strings, Concert Strings 2
Kriminal DUNE Soundbank 1, DUNE EBM/Industrial soundbank
Loopmasters Fiend Computer Core 3, Movie Dialogue 5, Movie Dialogue 6, Junkyard Percussion Vol. 2, Circuit Bent Sounds Volume 2
Lyrical Distortion Gunslinger AD/ADi, LDi Select
Midi Mark Sampling CD Vol 1
Minimal System Group Jawnson Hybrid Sample Pack, TR909 Sample Pack, Analogue Electronic, Modular Synth Drums Vol 1, Ultimate 909 Snares, Tuned Analogue Drums, TR808 Sample Pack, Wiard Sample Pack
Native Instruments Synthetic Drums 1, Synthetic Drums 2, True Strike Tension, Drop Squad, Raw Voltage DL, Electric Vice, Platinum Bounce, Resonant Blaze, Arcane Attic
Nine Volt Audio Action Drums: Breakbeat Edition, Action Drums: Cinematic Edition, Action Drums: Taiko Edition, The Beat Aesthetic, The Beat Aesthetic: Taiko Edition, Stylin Basslines, Beat Bandit, Big Bad Guitars, Big Bad Guitars Direct, Big Bad Guitars – Clean/Direct, Big Bad Bass Guitar, Organ Explosion, Big Bad Guitars V2, Big Bad Bass Guitar V2, Big Bad Guitars V2 Direct, Big Bad Bass Guitar V2 Direct, Melodic Rex, Shimmer & Shake, Textural Rex, Metal Guitar – Amped & Distorted, Metal Guitar – Clean & Direct, Melodic Rex, Textured Guitars, Funky Rex Guitars, Pop Rock Guitars, Pop Rock Guitars Direct, Action Toms Vol 1, Action Toms Vol 2, Action Drums 100, Electronic Guitars, Chroma Rex – Electronic Edition, Chroma Rex: Textured Guitars, Stickbreakers Vol 1, Ensemble & Solo Toms, Stickbreakers Vol 2, Stickbreakers Vol 3, Duo Tingklik, Duo Mbira, Duo Steel Tongue, Guitaret, Solo Guitaret
Nucleus Soundlab Viral Outbreak Vol 1
Peace Love Productions Electrofied, Industrial EBM
Perimeter Sound Arts Tension Theory, Biomechanic Beats 1, Biomechanic Beats 2
Prime Loops Drum Damage. Minimal Tech House Drums
Producer’s Choice Survival Drum Library, Ultimate 808 Samples, Twisted Loops Sample Pack, Boom Bap Legends Drum kit, Ultimate Production Toolbox
Producer Loops Dance Drums, H2 Vol 1: Uplifters & Downlifters + Bonus FX, Accelerator 2, Noiz Pop
Prodyon Robocoder, Spacehawk – Ambient Textures
Prosonus Sampler Sampler
Red Sounds Future Chords
Reflex Audio The Analogue Collection
Rob Lee Total Recall (for DUNE)
Sample Logic Assault
Samplephonics Ghostek Industrial Techno
SampleTekk Black Grand Close|
Samples From Mars 909 From Mars
Smart Loops MultiTracks [MT01] Medium Straight Rock 1
Sonic Couture Abstrakt Bass, CrowdChoir, DDR Toy Piano, Bowed Gamelan, Tube Drum, DevilFish, Konkrete Vol 1, Konkrete Vol 2, Scriptorium, Estey Reed Organ
SONiVOX Orchestral Companion – Strings
Sonokinetic EMP Mark II, Berimbau, Cuica, Gediz, Sleigh Bells
Sonus Dept Korroded Batteries
Soundiron Requium Light, Sick 1, Sick 2, Sick 3, Olympus Elements
Sounds to Sample Ernesto Vs Bastian Dune Soundbank
Soundtrack Loops Cinematic Industrial, EBM for Industrial – Electric Body Music
Spectrasonics Distorted Reality 1, Undercurrent
Steinberg Zero Gravity Expansion pack
Studiocat ReverbTools IR, Purrrfect Cymbals
Supersynths Klang
TeamDNR Anatomy, Ammunition
The Busty Dozen Vol 1: Scrambled
The FXP Project Prototype-1
The Loop Loft Simon Phillips Drums, The Bob Reynolds Loop Collection, Fills Unlimited, Indie Rock Drums 1, Charlie Hunter Funk Guitars, Long Loops Vol 3 – MIDI Drum Loops
The Producer’s Choice 808 Drum Kit, Ultimate Production Toolbox UPT, Twisted Vocals & Drum Sample Library TV, Boom Bap Drum Kit BBL, ‘Survival’ Drum Kit Samples For NI Maschine & Reason
The Sample Bank
ToneBuilder Driven Machine Drums Strikes Back Deluxe
Tonehammer Forgotten Voices: “Francesca”
Triad Sounds Darth Wobble House, TEC/NO, Future House Funk II, Future House Funk, Future House 2, Jungle Power Drops, Tomorrow Land EDM, Deeper House 2, Deep House, Future Wobbles Drops 2016, Legendary Trap, Melbourne Bounce 2016, Smash EDM for Sylenth, TWERK Dat Vocals and Loops, Tropical House Vocals & Kits, Darth Wobble House
Uppercussion Conundrums, Monstrosities
UVI XTreme FX, SweepMachine, Digital Synsations, Analog Motion, Synth Anthology 2, Synth Anthology 3, Spectre, Analogic Piano 09, Atmospherics, Cinematic Shades, Ether Fields, Hypnotic Dive, Inner Dimensions, Pulsar, Savage, Subculture, Subculture Orchestral, Voklm, 
Vintage Synth Pads The Rhythmic Library
Voice Crystal Noise Loops I, Noise Loops II, Syntonic Generator
WAV Evolution
Wave Alchemy Drum Tools 01 – Minimal Techno, Pro-II, Tech House & Minimal, Tribal & Tech House, Loop Tools & Grooves, Bass Pedals, Synth Drums
Waveformless DUNE Spiceflow
Wavesfactory Tea Towel Drum
Wilkinson Audio Naked Drums
Wusik Drummillenium, HQ Acoustic Set, Orchestral Lite,Physical Set
Yuroun Escape Velocity Bundle (for Alchemy)
Zero-G Airwaves, Altered States, Ambient, Ambiosis, Anthem House, ASL Complete Library Bundle, Chemical Beats, Cuckooland ASYLUM, Cuckooland UNHINGED, Darwin Chamber, Deepest India, Degrees of Abstract, Distorted Dancefloors, Drumalogue, Ecstatic Grooves, Electric Dreamz, Electro House, Electrolytic, Ethnic Flavours, Freak Beats, Ghost in the Machine, Heaven 17, Junk Percussion, Malice In Wonderland, Morphology, Outer Limits, Progressive House, Radiophonica, Skinned, Skinny Puppy, Soundclash, Sounds Of Polynesia, Voices Of Africa, Radiophonica


AKAI S5000 w/256mb/USB/NDISK (x2), S5000 w/128mb/FX/256GB SCSI2SD + Plextor 12/20 Plex
AKG K141 monitor headphones
Alesis S4+ Piano Quadrasynth, DM5, Monitor One’s, RA300, NanoCompressor
Apex Condenser mic
Apple Macbook Pro (2017)
Auralex studio foam
Behringer RX-1602 (x2)
D-Box 12″ 300w subwoofer
Edirol MA-10A (x3)
EMU e6400
Ensoniq Mirage
Furman PL-8c (x2)
Kawai K4r, XD-5
Korg Poly-61M
MOTU 828es, Midi Express 128
Native Instruments Maschine Mk3, Komple Kontrol S61 Mk1, Komplete Kontrol S88 Mk2
Presonus Audiobox USB
Rode NT1a
Roland A-880, S-750, VT3
SE Electronics Project Studio Reflection Filter
Steinberg CMC Studio Frame 4, CMC-CH, CMC-QC, CMC-TP, CMC-AI
Ultimate Support APEX AX-90
Waldorf microQ
Yamaha HS8 (x2)
Zoom H2n
Native Indian hand drum
and a rainstick.

Copyright © 2021, Kevin Burke