Boston, Massachusetts, USA – Part II

Travel by Numbers heads to Boston, Massachusetts, USA, just one hour north of the southern Cape Cod area.

In this episode we visit the New England Holocaust Memorial. The Memorial began with a Holocaust survivor, Stephan Ross (Szmulek Rozental), who was imprisoned at the age of nine and whose parents, one brother and five sisters were murdered by the Nazis. Between 1940 and 1945, Stephan survived 10 different concentration camps. His back was broken by a guard who caught him stealing a raw potato; another time he was hung for eating a potato. Tuberculosis wracked his body. He once hid in an outhouse, submerged to his neck in human waste, to save himself from being shot. Emaciated and near death, he was liberated from Dachau by American troops at age 14.

Next up, we visit the historic Quincy Market. It was constructed in 1824–26 and named in honour of Mayor Josiah Quincy, who organized its construction without any tax or debt. The market is a designated National Historic Landmark and Boston Landmark, significant as one of the largest market complexes built in the United States in the first half of the 19th century.

A trip to Boston must include a visit to Cheers Restaurant and Bar. We visited the faithful replica of the original.

And finally we had to check out the Greenway Carousel a one-of-a-kind carousel located at The Tiffany & Co. Foundation Grove.


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