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One of the interesting things about a person who is both left and right-brained is that they never quite know when things are “done”. The theory is that people are either left-brained or right-brained, meaning that one side of their brain is dominant. If you’re mostly analytical and methodical in your thinking, you’re said to be left-brained. If you tend to be more creative or artistic, you’re thought to be right-brained. Me? Both. So … like … is this website done?

September 26, 2022: Experiments with binaural sound

I’ve just released the first of a series of videos on YouTube in which I’ve recorded sound using a self-made binaural head. This gives the listener a full 360 degree soundstage – using headphones – and allows pinpointing objects flying overhead.

July 31, 2022: New YouTube channel! [Update]

I’ve started a new YouTube channel devoted to nature lovers, spa, yoga, massage, reiki, sleeping, concentration, relaxation and more. Enjoy sounds and sights suitable for your application and use the playlists to keep the mood going. 33 videos have now been published including the first one in 8K!


June 5, 2022: Industrial (demo)!

Dark, booding industrial track with layers of grit, percussion and choirs. Because why not!

June 3, 2022: Parson’s Liberty (demo)!

I need to re-do everything on this, but it’s a fun one!

June 2, 2022: Ophelmakend (demo)!

One of my favourite collaborations with a guitarist..

June 1, 2022: Retro-electro track (demo)!

Track from an upcoming Neutronaut album.

May 27, 2022: Industrial track (demo)!

Track from an upcoming Missiles Kill Militants album.

May 22, 2022: Cover songs!

Sometimes I get in the mood to cover songs from my favourite bands. Check ’em out.


May 20, 2022: Demo track from upcoming Missiles Kill Militants album! I’ve been working hard on my first album as Missiles Kill Militants – an EBM/Industrial sound that sometimes slams you, sometimes puzzles you and sometimes really annoys you. This track starts off brooding but eventually opens up to a caustic soundfield.  

May 19, 2022: Demo track from upcoming Avionik album!


In the final stages of my 3rd Avionik release. The tracks are all written and mixed. Just handling the mastering at the moment. I’ve been extremely prolific these past 3 years and have a lot of songs in various stages of completion. Can you spot my influences on this track?


April 28, 2022: Demo track from upcoming Neutronaut album!


One of my first loves has always been electro – the original electro (now usually referred to as retro-electro) – along the lines of Kraftwerk, the originators of the genre. While, for years, I’ve been working on primarily electronica and dark techno/industrial (and still am), I’ve finally taken the plunge into the cold circuitry of analog synthesizers and ancient drum machines. I chose the pseudonym of Neutronaut – a conflation of the words neutron and astronaut. The first result of my efforts is a track I called ‘Reboot’ which will appear on an upcoming album. Really excited about this new venture. I hope you enjoy the song.

News: New album released!


It’s been far too long since my last album release (2012) but I’m starting 2022 with a new 9-track album full of electronica goodness – CRUSHING TIDE – available now on Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, TikTok, Deezer and over 150 more streaming services worldwide. Also available for purchase via Bandcamp.


01 Irritated / 02 Indifference / 03 Kaveman04 A Verbis Ad Verbera / 05 All I Can / 06 Entitled07 God Particle / 08 Mistrial / 09 Ubiquity


More information and track samples on the official Avionik website.

Crushing Tide

Waaay back in 1982 I started writing songs to satisfy my creative bent. Other creative interests, like photography and videography, would come later. It all started with a Korg Poly-61M digital/analog hybrid synthesizer. Then an Ensoniq Mirage sampler. And now? Well … here’s a portion of my collection …

The gear collection started in 1982.

You can learn more about my musical bent by visiting my music page.

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